With warmer weather right around the corner, you may be starting to think about prepping your home to put on the market. We are here to help! Even before you’re ready to call us to list it, we can go over things that will help it go under contract even quicker! Check out these few items below to see if there is anything you may have forgotten to put on your to do list! After that, feel free to give us a call when you’re ready to set up a listing appointment. 

  • Don’t Overlook The Small Things: When cleaning and de-cluttering, don’t forget to go over the small things that potential homeowners may notice. Polishing door handles, dusting light fixtures, wiping baseboards, and using a magic eraser to clean up scuff marks on walls will show that your home has been well taken care of.

  • Paint: If you plan to paint your home, use the same paint color in multiple rooms or a neutral color scheme throughout to make the home appear more open and spacious. The flow of a home is very important. 

  • Nothing is off limits: Think of the hidden areas of your home that your normal guests never see and consider deep cleaning those as well. Like under your kitchen counters, medicine cabinet, and your linen closets. Leaving these areas messy and unorganized will make your home feel more cramped and therefore less appealing. 

  • Organization: Fake it until you make it! Using decorative storage bins and containers can hide more than you think. For example, by placing your laundry detergent and other necessities in a basket on the shelf, it will make your laundry room less cluttered and easier to manage. We could all use a laundry room like that!  Even in a small guest bath, you can find creative ways to store extra items. Like in the above photo with the extra toilet paper in the basket above the toilet.

  • Fresh Smells: Using heavily scented plug in air fresheners or sprays can be overwhelming to some so try using light and fresh scents to make your house smell amazing but not over the top. Making your own cleaner with baking soda, vinegar, and dawn dish soap is a way to avoid overly stout cleaning products. You can also place sachets of Downy Unstoppables in closets, under cabinets and other areas that don’t receive as much air flow. The scent is said to last 12 weeks!


Try these few tips and tell us what you think!