Many of us are looking for ways to start the year off fresh and decluttered. This may be in part because Netflix just released a new binge-worthy show, “Tidying Up” and has made many of us want to completely throw out anything that does not bring us joy. Whether you are also KonMari-ing or just ready to start your spring cleaning a little early, we are here to share the best tips, tricks and things to buy to help you start your 2019 in the best (and cleanest!) way possible. 



Pet owners everywhere know the struggle of living with pet hair. No matter how many times you vacuum, it seems to just keep reappearing. The best way to really pull the hair from the depths of your carpet is to use a window squeegee and run it across your carpet and then vacuum up the pile with the hose on your vacuum so as to not push it back into the carpet. Buy one here!


Another way to freshen up your new year is to use lemon to do a variety of cleaning jobs. For example, you can cut a lemon in half, dip it in baking soda and use it to scrub soap scum from the inside of your shower. You can also use the rind to scrub any tough to clean areas. This will also leave your shower smelling fresh and without having to use harsh chemicals. 


If you are looking for more natural cleaning products, Grove Collaborative is a great place to start! Grove Collaborative is a customizable auto-ship service that ships all-natural home, beauty, and personal care products directly to your door. Right now, if you purchase over $20 worth of products, you will receive a free Mrs. Meyer's cleaning gift set plus a Grove Collaborative brand glass cleaner set! These are valued at over $30 total for both sets. Find more information follow this link!


Organizing is another large part of setting yourself up for a successful year. One of the quickest places to become messy is the bathroom. Target is a great place to find inexpensive containers to tame the chaos. Whether it's in Bullseye's playground with their many adorable containers or in the storage container department, Target is my go to place. 



These containers are only $3 in Bullseye's Playground. They also have galvanized containers for $5 and under that would be great for storage under the cabinets or in your linen closet.



These acrylic drawer organizers are great for keeping your drawers tidy. They also have less expensive white plastic ones if you want to make this an even less expensive project!



Another must have bathroom organizer is the Threshold Hair Tools Organizer. For less than $30, all of your hot hair tools can be organized and help keep your countertops clutter free.




Walmart is another great place for inexpensive organization products. This beautiful glass organizer is a way to keep your every day makeup items and brushes close at hand.



We hoped you loved these quick and expensive ideas to tidy up your new year!

We hope you have a great 2019!